Cara dolce nipote (1977)

Director: Andrea Bianchi
Studio: Cinema General Enterprise

Starring: Ursula Heinle, Femi Benussi, Francesco Parisi, Lucio Flauto

—Daniela, after the college, goes to live with her uncle, her mother’s brother in-law Corrado, an inconsolable widower who almost immediately sees her beloved dead wife in her. He initially restricts himself to taking care of her and protecting her, he begins to spy on her and yearn for her. Even one of his friends, Riccardo seems to be tempted by the girl who does not want to give in to his advances. She will make fun of them both before leaving with a handsome sailor
—Young Daniela (Ursula Heinle) travels to the city to stay with her widowed uncle, who wrestles with temptation as his pretty house-guest flaunts her sexuality by showering with the door open and casually walking around nude. Meanwhile, much to her uncle’s dismay, Daniela finds herself drawn to the womanizing pilot in a nearby apartment who previously lusted after her late aunt.