Candice Candy (1976)

Sylvia Bourdon (Candice) is a magazine editor who discusses sex freely but is frigid. Her sister, Candy, is Beatrice Harnois, who is far from frigid. Her secretary, Odile, is played by Liliane Lemieuvre. Bikers Richard Lemieuvre and Marc, a performer in stag film loops (Patrick Lyonnet) also seems to work for her, along with Anita (Martine Grimaud), a blonde (France Quenie), a brunette called Martine (Martine Flety) and a black girl, Claudine (Jocelyne Clairis, credited as Joyce Martin). A cute brunette (Chantal Fourquet) is Florence, a friend of Beatrice Harnois. Gabriel Pontello is a doctor who examines Beatrice and whom she lusts after.

After a brief scene with a young man (before the credits in the American version), Beatrice Harnois has a b/g scene with Richard Lemieuvre. The following is then interspersed amongst editorial discussions at the magazine and discussions of Candice’s frigidity among her staff. Liliane Lemieuvre has a b/g scene with Richard Lemieuvre while watching Marc’s porn home movie (brunette in bath and b/g). Candy (Beatrice) meets Marc coming out of Florence’s apartment complaining that she is frigid. Candy comforts Florence and seduces her into a g/g session. Anita (Martine Grimaud) and the blonde (France Quénie) are lesbian lovers and Anita is jealous of her lover and Marc, but they have a g/g session and Marc joins in, turning on Anita to men.

Candice has arranged for Dr. Benoit to telephone her about an article by him. Candice takes the call and fancies his voice. she then arranges to see him for a consultation under another name. He conducts a vaginal examination and she tries to seduce him, but he rejects her advances. She daydreams of sex with him while using a dildo on herself.

There is a meeting where Jerome complains of his editor’s frigidity; so the other staff members plan a trick on him. This involves enticing him to what he thinks is Candice’s apartment, but is really that of Nita, a friend of Claudine. When he enters, using a key left under the doormat, Nita switches on the light and points a gun at him accusing him of being a thief. she then forces him to undress and go down on her and then calls for Anita who begins to use a strap on on him, but they then send him away. At the same time the rest of the staff decide to hold a party/orgy. Claudine arranges a party at Candice’s house when they know she won’t be there, getting the key from Candy who insists on attending. Dr. Benoit is invited, brief foursome – Gabriel Pontello, Martine, the blonde and Jocelyne Clairis. Then Gabriel Pontello is blindfolded and has to guess who has sex with him. Candy comes into the room and does so rather than one of the other three girls. She then reveals herself to him and they invite her cute friend over for a threesome.

Candice takes Candy and many of the staff to the country for an outing. The women lounge topless. Anita, in black boots, plays a game of “you catch me, you fuck me” with Jerome, who finally catches her. Anal thumb, then regular anal, the only such footage in the film.

Candice goes for a walk after dark and is dragged into a car by Jacques Insermini and two other men, who proceed to gang-rape her. Insermini does all the hardcore on Candice, including oral cum shot. It’s a dream (reliving the experience that made her frigid, according to the contemporary review) and she wakes up with a cry.

Marc is getting a blowjob from blonde, with Claudine and a brunette just watching. He goes to investigate the cry in the night.

All the rest of this is intercut.

Candy does b/g with Blue, deciding for the curtain that he’s the one she really wants. The blonde shallowly dildos Claudine while getting a strap-on fuck from the Anita. This sequence is rather brief compared to the other two.

Marc comforts Candice, then fucks her. She requests an oral cum shot and gets one, in big slowmo closeup. They’re in love, too.