Blue Ice (1985)

San Francisco private eye Ted Singer (Herschel Savage) has just been hired by a wealthy eccentric (Jamie Gillis) to find and procure an ancient and mysterious book which reportedly has the power to grant anyone who can open it the gift of eternal life and power. Unknown to Ted, another group of individuals are also searching for the priceless artifact: a secret group of escaped Nazis who are hoping to use the book to take over the world.
Directed by Phillip Marshak (DRACULA SUCKS, CATACLYSM), BLUE ICE is a fast paced and clever erotic thriller which blends mystery, fantasy, and neo-noir stylings. Featuring an all star porn cast and veteran character actor.

Here’s a detective story featuring Nazi scientists, a mysterious old book and all this in a high-quality film. This film directed by Phillip Marshak (who also did The Nightmare Never Ends, an horror  movie much better than it’s reputation could make you believe it is) has a pretty strong cast with Herschel Savage, Paul Thomas, Jamie Gillis, Helga Sven, Jacqueline Lorians, Shanna McCullough, Bill Margold, Danielle Martin and Francois Papillon (which has not a single line since his french accent is quite hard to impersonate a German accent) and someone named Long Chaney.
Ted Singer (Herschel Savage) is a detective hired by Big Man (Jamie Gillis) to find an ancient book with supernatural powers for its owner, something he doesn’t know of course. What he doesn’t know also is that a group of scientists who fled Nazi Germany when the Nazi power collapsed is looking for this book too, but they know about its power. The leader of this group of scientists is REGGIE NALDER (a very recognizable veteran B-movie & television actor who was in Mark of the Devil, Salem’s Lot, The Manchurian Candidate
and many other mainstream films). Before fleeing Nazi Germany this group of scientists was working on a formula to instantly transform any woman into a nymphomaniac, a concept that is never really explained or used except at the beginning of the film. It is clear that the more Singer approaches the book the more he is in a collision course with the Nazis with a series of deaths along his path. For a film made in 1985 [and actually shot on 35 mm film] the quality is strong and one quickly sees that it was made with an decent budget and NOT DONE in one day with a video camera (which is the case for most of the movies made in those years). Even more interesting is the fact that it would be equally interesting and logical without the sex scenes. This film is a perfect example of what an adult film is and what a pornographic movie isn’t.

  • Scene 1. Adrienne Bellaire, Helga Sven, Bill Margold, Francois
  • Scene 2. Jacqueline Lorians, Herschel Savage
  • Scene 3. Jacqueline Lorians, Jamie Gillis
  • Scene 4. Shanna McCullough, Ron Jeremy
  • Scene 5. Danielle, Herschel Savage
  • Scene 6. Helga Sven, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 7. Jacqueline Lorians, Herschel Savage
  • Scene 8. Helga Sven, Jacqueline Lorians, Francois