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Abduction of an American Playgirl (1975)

A year before he appeared in THE TAKING OF CHRISTINA, actor Eric Edwards (LAURA’S TOYS, THE CLAMDIGGER’S DAUGHTER) was involved in another abduction-leads-to-sex porn feature that has Edwards and his good friend Alan Marlowe (BARBARA BROADCAST, THE PASSIONS OF CAROL) decide to abduct a lone woman (Darby Lloyd Rains [VOICES OF DESIRE, MEMORIES WITHIN MISS AGGIE]) who they take to the abandoned ranch house of Edwards’ relatives and strip her fully nude while holding her for a $5K ransom from her uncaring father, only to learn that she is a sex fiend who unleashes her lustful passions on them and any man that comes around the ranch.

Despite its dramatic beginning, ABDUCTION OF AN AMERICAN PLAYGIRL winds up transforming into a silly comedic feature in the manner that Rains uses her carnal charms to turn the tables on the guys as the uncredited phantom director is able to gain great performances from his cast and the scorching explicit sex scenes are well structured and helmed, leading ABDUCTION OF AN AMERICAN PLAYGIRL to be a very watchable porn feature.

With Roger Caine (MARTIN, THE IMMORAL THREE), Levi Richards (A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER, A TOUCH OF GENIE), and Angel Barrett (HIGHWAY HOOKERS, ALICE IN WONDERLAND [1976]) as Rains’ younger sister (who joins in on the sensual action).