Unterm Dirndl wird gejodelt AKA The Erotic Adventures of Heidi (1974)

So this was the most difficult Private Screenings rip I had to do, because strangely the tape was protected with the dreaded MACROVISION. Why this one, and  none of the other PS tapes were protected I don’t know. It was actually the first tape of any kind in the whole project to have the protection, since most of these are rare and old tapes. Therefore had to drop by Amazon.  So one video stabilizer later, we have this rip. Two versions of this already on site, but neither have any English options. So here it is, in glorious 4:3 and a hilarious English Dub. Full of nudity and German fun!

Director: Alois Brummer

Gisela Schwartz…  Heidi
Annemarie Wiese…  Inge
Annemarie Wendl…  Heidis Mutter
Edgar Anliker
Margot Mahler…  Fräulein Moser
Monika Rohde…  Nutte im Bus (as Monique Rohde)

Plot (From IMDB): Heidi tries to improve her grades at school by having sex with her teacher. When she returns to her parent’s home somewhere in Bavaria, she starts to spend an unusual amount of time with the male population of her village.

Date: April 27, 2020