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The Love Couch (1978)

  • A sentient talking couch shares stories of the carnal activities of its various owners that it encourages to have sex on it. Said owners are an uptight female psychiatrist, a swinging married couple, a sleazy porn filmmaker, and a group of rowdy hippie musicians.
  • Scene 1. Harmony, Leo Lovemore
  • Scene 2. Harmony, Leo Lovemore
  • Scene 3. Bethanna, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 4. Terri Johnson, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 5. Bethanna, David Pierce
  • Scene 6. Fluffy La Busche, Peter Andrews
  • Scene 7. Bethanna, Paula Morton
  • Scene 8. Sharon Kaufman, Theodora Duncan, R. Bolla
  • Scene 9. brun, Debbie Revenge, Patty Boyd, David Ruby, Frank Rivera
  • Scene 10. Gloria Todd, Terry Glenn