O Cafetão (1983)

In São Paulo, the gang of Juarez ambushes the rival boss Gaspar to kill him, but he survives. Gaspar decides to use a large amount to destroy the illegal business of Juarez, but the maid Marina is an informer and tells the plan to Juarez.

When the airplane brings Gaspar’s money, his gangsters are ambushed by the gang of Juarez and they are murdered. However, a hatchet escapes with the money in two large suitcases and asks the shoe shiner Pedro (Francisco Cavalcanti) to keep them for him. But he is executed and Pedro brings the suitcases to his shanty.

Meanwhile there is a war between the two gangs since Gaspar believes that Juarez is holding his money. When Pedro learns that the owner has died, he unsuccessfully decides to sell them to raise some money to buy food for his wife Dirce and him. When he opens the suitcases and finds the money, he spends a large amount calling the attention of Gaspar and his gang.

“O Cafetão” is a typical film by Francisco Cavalcanti, with the usual sexploitation, violence, bad acting and laughable lines and situations. The dialog between Pedro and Dirce in their shack is one of the most ridiculous I have ever listened to in a movie. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): “O Cafetão” (“The Pimp”)