Moving in! (1986)

Starring: Keisha, Lili Marlene, Nina Hartley, Stacey Donovan, F.M. Bradley, Mike Horner, Ron Jeremy
Description: When the next door neighbors are MOVING IN, “there goes the neighborhood!” Only Alex deRenzy can bring adult comedy to the screen with such and nasty animalistic passion. An outrageous interracial couple (Lili Marlene and F.M. Bradley) introduce themselves into the normal lives of Chuck and Sonia Rollins (Ron Jeremy and Stacey Donovan) and infect them with the spirit of proper modern suburbia swinging. Ron fills in for Lili’s tired dildo and Field Marshall Bradley finds a way to take more than just a bath with Stacey, climaxing into the hottest scene Stacey Donovan has ever filmed. The black stud then shows the more than willing blonde Lili the true meaning of a back door visit. Lili then shows how to turn a stuffy meeting into a no-holes barred, four way orgy. A gift-wrapped Nina Hartley provides the wildest ride imaginable when Jake (Bradley) surprises his buddy Chuck. Just about that time Sonia and Chuck realize how their new found friends of the flesh have opened the raunchy horizons of their sex lives. Alex deRenzy, the true master of spicy, sizzling sex-drenched cinema, climaxes and proceedings with a surprise twist ending that will leave you gasping “There goes the neighborhood!”

  • Scene 1. Lili Marlene, Ron Jeremy
  • Scene 2. Stacey Donovan, F.M. Bradley
  • Scene 3. Keisha, Lili Marlene, Stacey Donovan, Mike Horner
  • Scene 4. Nina Hartley, Ron Jeremy
  • Scene 5. Lili Marlene, Stacey Donovan, F.M. Bradley
  • Scene 6. Lili Marlene, F.M. Bradley
  • Scene 7. Stacey Donovan, Ron Jeremy

Director: Alex DeRenzy
Studio: Videorama