Joy et Joan (1985)

Fashion model Joy is unlucky in love. Having been jilted by the object of her desire, Marc Charoux, she takes a trip to Singapore with the rich and decadent Bruce. Soon, however, Joy implores servant girl Millarca to help her escape from Bruce’s grounds. Posing as a tourist, she meets Joan, a tour guide and kindred soul who begins to introduce Joy to brand new ways of passion. But trouble, as well as one of Bruce’s man-servants, insists on following Joy & Joan wherever they go. (IMDB)

This amazing movie is based on one of Joy Laurey’s semi-autobiographical erotic novels. The book character Joy is a supermodel whose father is American and mother is French. In Joy et Joan, Joy is in Thailand where she flees her abusive husband. She meets a mysterious beauty named Joan, and they begin a torrid affair. Later on, they meet each other again in Paris. (

This is actually a beautiful love story, very steamy, although I would have preferred more rather than less eroticism, it was ‘R’ rated the version I saw. Stunning locations, beautiful people, some fine acting, characters with some depth, and a great deal of pathos I might also add in one particular case. Lahaie is simply one of the best of the European erotic actresses and she makes anything watchable. This film should have been made hard-core, the sex as presented is a mere tease. That being sad it is very hot, and explores the plasticity of our sexuality. To me it was one of the happiest endings in film. (IMDB, Linda_S from United States)

Alternate Titles
Joy and Joan
Joy: Chapter II
Director:Jacques Saurel
Actors: Brigitte Lahaie