Fongaluli (1973)

This wild sex odyssey and fairy tale tells the story of Professor Wurtsis, who is obsessed with cross breeding animals of different species. Research has brought him to a tropical island where he experiences the LSD-like sensation of the Fongaluli leaf and witnesses the transformation of a lobster into a gorgeous and eager young woman, then back again. Professor and lobster set out in search of the Island of Fongaluli, and their adventure leads to encounters with all manners of strange sex-starved beings including the evil Fongawitch and her orgy-practicing disciples.

Fongaluli is an erotic fantasy into never-never land. It is a sex odyssey, a fairy tale.
Professor Leviticus Wurtsis is obsessed with the theory of cross breeding animals of different species. Pursuit of this research has brought him to a tropical island rich in varied wild life.
One afternoon at an outdoor cafe he meets a mysterious man who offers the professor a strange leaf to chew promising a mind blowing sensation. The professor, in the interest of science, obliges and trips into a wonderful fantasy where the animals on which he has been experimenting perform sexual antics. He hears a lovely voice call his name. Awake now, he searches his laboratory It is coming from the lobster, the only animal to have eaten this strange, exotic leaf called Fongaluli. The lobster, named Shirley by the Professor, escapes. Frantic the Professor runs to the ocean certain that Shirley has returned to the sea. He hears his name being called. He turns and there she is. Not Shirley the lobster but Shirley, a gorgeous, full bodied, luscious girl! But before he can take advantage of the event Shirley turns back into a lobster. The desperate Professor, hiring a boat, sets out in search of the Island of Fongaluli, source of the plant. His search takes him first to the Island Of The Giant Nymph where, in exchange for one Fongaluli Leaf, the Professor agrees to satisfy her in his own small way. He succeeds only too well and has to flee the Island with Shirley to escape the demanding sexual passion of the Giant. At sea again, the Professor and Shirley Lobster discover another island and believing it to be Fongaluli set out in search of the leaf. What they do find is a strange family whose main diversion seems to be swimming where there is no water and making love with each other in turn. But they do have the magic leaf and, after intoxicating the Professor, they turn Shirley into a girl. She is saved from total ravaging when the Professor regains consciousness just in time to beat the family away with palm branches. Imagine the Professor’s surprise when he finds out they enjoy the whipping!
Once again they are at sea and once again Shirley has turned into a lobster. Almost from nowhere a beautiful ship sails nearby. The Professor hails it and they are rescued by its handsome, young skipper. The Professor tells the young sailor of his adventures and of Shirley. The young man tells them that he can take them to Fongaluli and encourages the Professor to retire to the cabin. The young man and Shirley enjoy a love idyll. No sooner, however, have they spent themselves then the young man disappears in a flash and the two of them are caught in a driving sea. They come to on an unfamiliar beach. Strange drums are heard. Cautiously, hand in hand, they seek out the source. Can this at last be the magic Island Of Fongaluli? They enter the giant green cave. Some compelling force seems to push them on into the red forest. They are terrified but push on. And then they see her! Lighted by a forest in a clearing, moaning strange incantations, she stands. The Fongawitch!
And now the Professor learns the truth. The mysterious man in the white shroud, the Giant Nymph, the weird family, the boy in the boat, all these were the creation of the Fongawitch. The entire adventure was the work of The Fongawitch. To combine the power of the Professor’s mind with that of her magic. To form a carnal union to rule the world. Unable to help himself, he is drawn into her ring of nude disciples, and in an orgy of lust, subjected to their carnal appetites. Only in the. confusion of mad, writhing bodies does he manage to escape, grab Shirley (who once again has returned to her lobster form) and run for his life. But the Fongawitch turns the Professor into a lobster. As it for the first time Shirley The Lobster and the Professor The Lobster look at each other. They are each immediately entranced. Their passion sweeps them into a touching embrace. And at last the fulfillment of the professor’s desire! And as the sun sets, together Shirley and the Professor, side by side, crawl info the waiting tide.