Diplomat Film 1059 – Satin Slits (1970s)

Diplomat Film 1059 – Satin Slits. Color Climax Corporation. Super 8mm color sex loop, featuring Connie and Kristine. Threesome sex (2f, m).Sexy girls, Teens, Hot body, Skinny, Shaved pussy, Blowjob, Sexy ass, Pussy licking, Straight sex, Facial.

Theodor is a modern painter, who’s chosen two gorgeous models with cunts as bald as a baby’s bottom!Pointless to say, the sight of their two hairless holes gets him very aroused! He begs the girls to give him extra inspiration by behaving naughtily, and the result is a pulsing porno trio!The painter’s penis pops out of a slippery snatch only to be greedily sucked by the other girl … And during a “69” between the two girls, Theodor ejaculates between the girl on top’s wobbly buttocks!