Keep It Up, Jack (1974)

A failed music hall stage actor([the Jim Varney looking] Mark Jones[THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK,DON’T OPEN TILL CHRISTMASTHE MEDUSA TOUCH]) finds enormous luck when he inherits his just deceased aunt’s brothel in this rousingly amusing British sex comedy from British softcore filmmaker Derek Ford(THE GIRL FROM STARSHIP VENUS,DIVERSIONS,BLOOD TRACKS),with Jones having to pull a Jack Tripper(of [TV’s] THREE COMPANY fame) in keeping alive his aunt in woman’s drag while impersonating her in front of the prostitutes and the lead prostitute(Sue Longhurst[COME PLAY WITH ME,KEEP IT UP DOWNSTAIRS,CONFESSIONS OF A WINDOW CLEANER]) who slowly takes over the business while Jones takes up upon disguising himself as various male clients to help keep the brothel’s business going.

KEEP IT UP,JACK has Ford able to keep both the comedic angles,the cast’s strong performances,and the copious amounts of nudity(including Jones having a brief full frontal nude shower scene) on full balance as Jones makes an appealing lead who is able to carry the film on his shoulders even if it’ll shake up the Woke/Cancel Culture/PC crowd with a few scenes that include a prostitute(Linda Regan[ON THE BUSES,CONFESSIONS OF A POP PERFORMER]) with an adult baby/toddler persona,a lesbian champagne sequence(that challenges the film’s softcore subgenre title),and a handful of hardcore porn inserts that nearly changes the course of the film(if it’s seen in its unrated version),as KEEP IT UP,JACK proves itself to be a decent and enjoyable sex comedy that Dark Force Entertainment was very wise enough to give this gem its long overdue Blu Ray release(on a double feature bill with [the Maria Forsa starring] FLOSSIE).

Actors: Sue Longhurst