Amor ciego (1980)

Not too many folks know about this film, let alone have actually seen it. So what would
make a film made in Mexico at the beginning of the decade of the 80’s, and in it’s original
Spanish language of interest you might wonder? Probably not so much the story line, which
has a tourist who loses her papers and luggage, needing a place to stay, and ends up in
the home of a blind dude, that sells weed and screws hookers, thinking that she’ll be safe
because he’s blind. Well….I guess this script might have a little potential maybe lol. I mean
if the girl has alot of scenes where she gets naked, and eventually has alot of sex scenes
with the dude……right? Well what if I were to tell you that this girl, happened to be the
infamous Appolonia of “Purple Rain” fame, and that the little skinny dip scene from that
flick, that made her famous to begin with, is but a pittance compared to the amount of
skin she shows in this south of the border treat? Yep……thought that might get your
attention! lol Patty “Appolonia” Kotero, in her first feature film, in 1980’s “Amor Ciego”,