Veck-Ända i Stockholm (Weekend in Stockholm) (1976)

A young red haired girl (Ann-Marie Berglund) arrives at Stockholm Central. She’s in Stockholm to visit her long time friend Marie. Marie’s boyfriend Jan, a guy in all denim clothing, is there to pick her up. They drive around Stockholm til’ late night. Later in Marie’s apartment they all end up in bed. Jan needs an assistant, so he gets on the phone to call his Norwegian friend Kent (Knud Jorgensen). The redhead falls in love with Kent.

Alternate Titles
Coppie viziose Italian video title
Week-End in Stockholm

“The girl” (Ann-Marie Berglund) goes for a weekend with some friends (a couple) in Stockholm. The man picks her up from the station in his car and tries to touch her up on the way back. He also sits next to her at dinner and puts his hand up her skirt. That night she wakes, hearing her friends (the female is XNK2348) making love, goes along the corridor and is invited to join in – threesome number one. In the midst of the action the man phones up his male friend (a bearded Knud Jörgensen) who comes round next day. The four spend the day together – a walk in the country and some time in a cinema showing a porn cartoon – and have a foursome.

Then we see Ann-Marie and Knud together. He takes her back to his place – and he also has a girlfriend (XNK2468) waiting for him. Ann-Marie tries to back out, but the newly discovered girlfriend is also a fan of group sex – threesome number two.

Weekend over, Ann-Marie goes home on the train.