Surrender in Paradise (1985)

Surrender in Paradise is a fun tropical romp. The story for the film is thin, very thin. Four models wash ashore on a deserted tropical island after their boat shipwrecked at sea. The next day they find that two of their friends also washed ashore. Soon they find that the island is inhabited by Arthur (Jerry Butler), an escaped convict. The models start trading sexual favors to survive.

That is really all there is to the story line for the film, however, its simplicity is what makes the story work well for the film. Basically, Surrender in Paradise is a fun tropical island tale. No where do you end up getting overly bogged down in any of the characters. Enough exists to push the film from one tryst to another while managing to keep the viewer entertained for the full film.

The sex scenes are well done. They are visually appealing and the cast does a great job of staying in character. The performers bring good energy to their scenes and look nice. If you don’t like Jerry Butler, the only male actor in the film, you don’t be a big fan of the sex presented here. Since he is in all the scenes except for the all girl orgy at the beginning. Surrender in Paradise is beautifully shot utilizing lovely tropical locales and some nicely done set design work.

Ultimately, Surrender in Paradise is a fun fluffy adult film with some great looking scenery and a nice looking cast that offers some nice sex. Fans of the genre should check it out. Surrender in Paradise was followed by the sequel The Pink Lagoon.