Sollazzevoli storie di mogli gaudenti e mariti penitenti – Decameron nº 69 (1972)

CAST:  Monica Audras, Marzia Damon, Enza Sbordone,  Joe D’Amato,Attilio Dottesio

Three episodes:

In ‘Le due cognate’ (The two sisters) the husband leaves on some business errand. The wife uses the chance to get into bed with a artist for whom she likes to pose nude in her sparetime. When her husband returns unexpectedly, she hides him under the bed, where he is found by her sister who happens to drop by on a visit. The two women consequently ‘share’ the artist, then send him away disgracefully.
‘Frà Giovanni’ (Father Giovanni) tells of a young priest who encounters (during confession) a wife whose husband is ugly and brutal to her. He tries to resist the temptations, but then goes ahead. The wife uses her new lover, lets him pay her for it, and then tells everything to her husband. The ugly brute forces him to emasculate himself.
‘Lavinia e Lucia’ is the story of a greedy husband who enjoys only little sexual intercourse with his wife because he is afraid to ruin his skin. A young boy who wants to get to know Lavinia dresses up as a girl and introduces himself as the chambermaid Lucia. The husband leaves on a business errand, and at bedtime Lavinia finds out about Lucia. As soon as her husband returns, she refuses to have sex with him. He then tries to have sex with ‘Lucia’ and finds out. Lucia explains that the penis grew of a sudden, and a doctor affirms that he is in fact a hermaphrodite, and that this will bring them luck. Whoever sleeps with her/him, will only have male offspring. The husband then asks Lavinia to sleep with ‘Lucia’.