Patrizia (1981)

Directed by Hubert Frank


Anne Parillaud
Brigitte Stein
José Luis de Villalonga
José Antonio Ceinos
Jennifer Jones
Eva Lyberten
María Rey

Review Summary

“West German filmmaker Hubert Frank directed this standard European exploitation film which is notable only for a star turn by the 20-year-old then-unknown actress Anne Parillaud (La Femme Nikita). Parillaud plays Patricia Cook, a wealthy and free-spirited young woman with a disapproving father and an extremely promiscuous lifestyle. Her father dies of a heart attack, presumably because of Patricia’s scandalous behavior, and Patricia ends up dating Harry Miller (Sascha Hehn), a racecar driver who doesn’t know whether to marry Patricia so she can keep her father’s millions or murder her in exchange for a large sum of money promised by a mysterious figure. The plot itself is really secondary, serving primarily as an excuse for Parillaud to shed her clothing, engage in softcore lesbian groping with her cousin Pussy, and run topless through a monastery until the lusty monks give chase. Jose-Luis de Villalonga (Julie Christie’s Italian husband in Darling) is among several surprising familiar faces in the cast. ~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide”