La signora della notte (Lady of the Night) (1986)

Director: Piero Schivazappa
Story: Galliano Juso & Piero Schivazappa
Music: Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Starring: Serena Grandi, Fabio Sartor, Francesca Topi, Alberto Di Stasio & Cecilia Cerocchi

Quote:Simona is married to Marco who neglects her. Growing dissatisfied, she provokes her husband by readily accepting the many sexual advances of friends and strangers. Then, to satisfy her increasingly depraved and perverse desires, she seeks night-time partners leading  to ever riskier and sometimes violent encourters. On one such night, Marco catches Simona in the act, and the couple separate. Marco is immediately consoled by his beautiful young neighbour but soon Simona and Marco find that they cannot live without each other. Then one night Simona is attacked by a masked man. But is he a stranger…?

DVD-OCD @ wrote:I was very pleased to see the somewhat obscure Italian eroflik ‘Lady of the Night’ finally released in a proper DVD format. Previously this movie only seemed available in DVD-R format editions that appeared to be copied from fuzzy VHS pan & scan releases. As noted this is a Region 2 PAL pressing from the UK – yet another ‘good reason’ to get a region-free DVD player! This version purports to be un-censored & un-cut – which is not all that big a deal as the sex elements are pretty soft-core to begin with – but the UK does have some pretty stringent censorship codes so this unexpurgated version may have reinstated some previously excised material. Regardless, the extent of the sexual action is basically limited to a fair amount of full female nudity and some simulated humping. The simple plot line follows the sexual mis-adventures of the heroine Angelina (played by the exceptionally curvaceous Serena Grandi) as she strays into infidelity from her ‘perfect/boring’ marriage. Angelina craves passion in her love making and she gets sorta turned on when she witnesses a feuding couple ‘make up’ after the man smacks his woman around a bit. Not likely to ‘play well’ with ‘feminists’, but this IS an Italian flik and such macho antics seem entrenched in Italian cinema. Henceforth, Angelina starts looking for guys to treat her similarly & ends up in a series of one night stands with lovers who tend to degrade her and forcefully make lust to her.

Perhaps it was some of this ‘violent sex’ action that got the film censored – even tho the ‘violence’ is really pretty light-weight, and it is technically all consensual. While the story, acting, and production values are all decent it is primarily various sex scenes & copious nudity that keeps this one rolling along and Ms Grandi gives the viewer much to contemplate-she’s built like the proverbial brick s-house!. She apparently starred previously in Tinto Brass’s film “Miranda’, and ‘Lady of the Night’ plays a bit like a darker Tinto Brass effort. A steamy tale of marital infidelity and female sexuality – it is an easy & enjoyable watch. This version has a (nicely!) dubbed English soundtrack and good clear widescreen picture – extras include only one trailer for another Italian erotic film.