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Foxtrot (1982)

The plot for this film revolves around a group of people and their sexual encounters as they get ready for a New Years eve party. Foxtrot was released in between Cecil Howard’s two most known films, Neon Nights and Scoundrels. And because of this Foxtrot has not garnered the acclaim it rightfully deserves.
Content wise, Foxtrot has all the elements that have become synonymous with Cecil Howard’s most celebrated films. And nowhere is this clearer than how well the more dramatic moments blend with the sex scenes. From a production standpoint, Foxtrot achieves all of its goals. The premise is well executed and pacing is not an issue as things move along briskly.
Performance wise the cast are very good in their respective roles, especially Marlene Willoughby (Sunny) in the role of an exhibitionist artist named Zelda. Other notable cast members include, Veronica Hart (Wanda Whips Wall Street), Samantha Fox (Here Comes the Bride, Her Name Was Lisa) and Vanessa Del Rio  (Afternoon Delights, Dracula Exotica). All but one of the sex scenes deliver an ample amount of heat. Standout sex scenes include, a scene where Marlene Willoughby’s character masturbates for her peeping tom neighbor, a scene where Ron Jeremy’s character picks up Veronica Hart, a lonely housewife at a bar and a scene where Bobby Astyr portrays a sleazy movie producer, who is interviewing an aspiring actress on his casting couch.

Date: January 3, 2021