Drop Out Wife (1972)

This has to be Stephen Apostolof’s best. The plot follows a woman’s journey from marriage, to sexual frigidity, to disillusionment of marriage, swinging, disillusionment with swinging, and men in general. Granted the men are despicable but she allows herself to be used all the same. Angela Carnon is a potent mix of good looks, nastiness and a modicum of acting ability which exceeds the directors ability to maximize her performance. The film repeats itself and makes the lead a recidivist but the plot is interesting nonetheless. The lunchtime pep talks with Carnon and her friend played by Sandy Carey are wonderfully bad 70s philosophy. You just gotta live your life and have a good time. Which means just do IT, baby! This leads the conscience-ridden Carnon to look at herself in the mirror and see what a wreck she’s become. ” You’ve aged ten years in a month!”