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Co-Ed Fever (1980)

A national news magazine publisher decides to do a front-page story on his daughter’s sorority. The college administration and the sorority see the chance to gain popularity for the school, but are afraid that some of the girls have boyfriends that would project the “wrong” image. A decision is made to hook the girls with an alternate fraternity that has the “desired” image for the sake of the article. Predictably, the girls and their boys rebel. The antics begin as they all try to sabotage the whole project while still secretly seeing each other.

  • Scene 1. Terri Dolan, Aaron Stuart
  • Scene 2. Serena, R.J. Reynolds
  • Scene 3. Lisa De Leeuw, Jamie Gillis
  • Scene 4. Piper Smith, Gloria Harrison, Jamie Gillis
  • Scene 5. Vanessa del Rio, Michael Morrison, Ron Jeremy
  • Scene 6. Samantha Fox, John Leslie
  • Scene 7. Lysa Thatcher, Tawny Pearl
  • Scene 8. Tawny Pearl
  • Scene 9. Lysa Thatcher
  • Scene 10. Brooke West
  • Scene 11. Samantha Fox
  • Scene 12. Terri Dolan
  • Scene 13. Annette Haven, Samantha Fox, Paul Barresi
  • Scene 14. Brooke West, Jon Martin
  • Scene 15. Lysa Thatcher, Tawny Pearl, Eric Stein
  • Scene 16. Terri Dolan, Mike Horner
  • Scene 17. Annette Haven, Don Fernando
  • Scene 18. Annette Haven, Eric Stein
  • Scene 19. Annette Haven, Paul Barresi