Carole Laure in Sweet Country (1987)

Carole Laure, Jane Alexander are nude in the movie “Sweet Country” which was released in 1987. They have demonstrated nude boobs, pussies, arses including full frontal nudity in this clip. Also we can several erotic and see sex scenes with them.

In order to achieve the feeling of horror in a scene where a gathering of female prisoners are harassed and psychologically tortured in the nude, director Michael Cacoyannis decided to appeal for volunteers rather than professional actors, asking both his associates and friends. Michael Cacoyannis interviewed women of different nationalities for casting the people in the scene, of English, French, American as well as Greek descent. Most of these women had never even seen a film camera, let alone undressed before one. Money was never an incentive for the women. Cacoyannis has said, “I explained that their inexperience in acting was an advantage. That their lack of artifice, the spirituality of their spontaneous reactions, would transcend physical realism, the way certain paintings can.” At first, he was not too successful in the “recruiting” of these volunteers, but soon found the women he needed. One woman was a well-known author, another a journalist, three were college professors, others university students, secretaries or just housewives. The shooting of this sequence was completed in five very stressful hours, and the reactions were neither planned nor rehearsed. At the end of the shooting day, their eyes still full of tears, some of them expressed their gratitude for what called “a unique experience”.