Bof… Anatomie d’un livreur aka Bof! (1971)

Director: Claude Faraldo, Jean-David Lefebvre
Studio: Albina Productions S.a.r.l., Filmanthrope, Marianne Productions

Starring: Marie Dubois, Marie-Helene Breillat, Paul Crauchet, Julian Negulesco, Mamadou Diop, Michel Fortin, Marie Mergey

—Experiencing something of a mid-life crisis after his beloved son marries and moves out, a factory worker makes some drastic changes in his life, moves in with the boy and his wife, and sets them all on the path to a communal lifestyle
—Social fantasy about a young French worker whose father decides to murder his melancholy wife and set up a free-wheeling commune with his son and daughter-in-law. The film has considerable humour and charm, but in illustrating this engaging interpersonal revolution, Faraldo has to skate over so many psychological and social obstacles that the film finally ends up Utopian rather than fantastic, wish fulfilment rather than satire.