Abflug Bermudas (1976)

Producer/Director:  Alan Vydra
Alan Vydra Studios Filmproduktion,  Beate Uhse Video

Opening credits label this “An Erotic Thriller” whatever that means. For me it came across as a crime-eurospy-roughie porn hybrid. By porn standards, the sex scenes are fairly scarce (first sex scene happens 22 minutes into the movie). The dark feel of the film, over-the-top characters and great locations put this ahead of other Beate Uhse releases. No English language option for this dialogue heavy film but with a little research and my limited knowledge of German I filled in the storyline as best I could. Total hardcore content: 10-15 min.

Little Mario (Peter Nowotny) grows up in an orphanage where the nuns torment him. He dreams of a better life. After a stint in the foreign legion he ends up living as a small-time crook working for a sleazy Hamburg night club owner and gangster boss who has a girl trader ring. The gang injects the ladies with heavy doses of heroin and transports them by plane to their buyers abroad. The boss’s sadistic stooge Fred (German porn veteran Sepp Gneissl) keeps the women tied up in an abandoned fertilizer factory while waiting for his boss’s next orders. For fun Fred terrorizes the imprisoned women to make them more submissive but he also loves his black BMW motorcycle. With his shaved head, the long scar down his cheek, black leather trenchcoat and cool racing goggles he cuts a dashing figure.
The police, led by The Chief (Horst Hesslein), have been investigating the missing women and seem to be slowly closing in on the crooks. Mario senses trouble and after falling out with his boss and falling in love with Cora (Monique Charell) the boss’s luxury wife, decides to do a doublecross and steal the gangs money and Cora and head to Bermuda to start a new life. He places a bomb in the plane that will take the boss to London but at the last moment Cora (Monique Charell) decides to travel with her husband. Could this be the end of Mario’s plans? The film has no score (budget?) but that actually helps add to the tension. One lengthy scene takes place at the Pulverfass Cabaret in Hamburg where American singer Angie Stardust (Mel Michaels) performs “Summertime” (see video.) A stand up female impersonator also entertains the audience and gets a few laughs. One of the many subplots has a soon-to-be surprised gang member getting seduced by a German transsexual at the club (hmm. What were the clues fella?). The director does a good job with his limited resources and budget. Besides being producer and director Vydra also edited the movie and did the camera work.

Marie-Luise Lusewitz possibly as Marie-Louise Lermont
Monique Charell plays Cora
Sigrun Theil as Sigrun Kramer
Uschi Stiegelmaier uncredited
Uschi Wagner non-sex, girl drugged and abducted in aeroplane