A Taste of Hot Lead (1969)

Director: William Rotsler
Studio: Falcon Films

Starring: Vincene Wallace, James Brand, Dee Howard, Susan Canyon, Linda Jackson, Bruce McQueen, Lee Summers, Rae Torres.

Description: Kelly and Eddie, two fugitives who have committed robbery and murder, take refuge in a house inhabited by four women, all lesbians who have rather “special” sexual preferences. Kelly, an ex-convict, caresses Joy, one of the women, with his pistol–to her obvious pleasure–and then abuses her; he beats Mitzi, another roommate, who has sadomasochistic fantasies of being held captive by two men, when she hands him a whip; but Kelly is rebuffed by Toni, the leader of the group, when he tries to force “Baby Doll,” Toni’s current favorite, into doing a sex act. Toni, maintaining that Baby Doll prefers women, demonstrates female cunnilingus. Angry, Kelly ties Toni to the bed and abuses her. Finally, the women attempt to escape. They bash in Eddie’s head and shoot and seriously wound Kelly. Toni is accidentally killed in a struggle with Joy, who interferes when Toni announces that she will emasculate Kelly with the gun.

Actors: Lee Summers