Tutto di Dietro (1994)

Director: Tony Yanker
Studio: FM Video

Starring: Luana Borgia, Rocco Siffredi, Cristina Colecchia, Emanuelle Cristaldi, Jon Dough, Vampirella, Joey Silvera, Martha del Rio
Description: Rocco Siffredi is the principal player, his big dick getting a workout, while U.S. imports Joey Silvera and Jon Dough got a free trip to Italy as a porn career perk back in the day when production money was free-flowing internationally. Many of the ladies in the cast boast big boobs, and all of them sport thick bushes, far thicker than the token “hair down there” retro trend currently in vogue in porn production
Emphasis is on anal sex as well as lesbian scenes, and the kinkiest moment comes at the outset, when Rocco is humping a maid-costumed lady with a very long pole (a mop handle or something like that for the household?) in her posterior, before substituting his dick