Quella porcacciona di mia moglie (1981)

Story of Emanuelle, a girl who tries to join a charm/dance school that turns out to be a front for a prostitution ring. She starts out
innocent and is almost raped by a teacher when she won’t put out but she awakens sexually throughout the film from nude
modeling, watching her roommates have sex, having sex with the headmistress, then her husband and finally accepting her first
outcall trick as a prostitute. Stars sexy Catherine Ringer (Body Love) who became a punk rock music star in France as Rita Matsouko
after she stopped making films in the early 1980s. Marina Frajese plays her mother and Guia Lauri Filzi plays the headmistress of the school.

Alternate Titles
Angela e le sue amiche
Angela et ses amies Dir. given as Tony Say
Les Brigades du sexe Dir. credited to Tony Reed a later re-edit with additional scenes stolen from two other films – Le sexe à travers le monde and Nelly
Il Club privato
Hostess Club
Quella porcacciona di mia moglie Sweden, Trix video, Italian sound with Swedish subtitles, 96 mins.
Sexual Penetrations
Sexual penetrations for… Angela et ses amies France, poster title
Teenage Emanuelle West Germany, Mike Hunter, MH81 Tonårsbruden Emmanuelle cover title of Swedish release