Los violadores del amanecer (1978)

A gang of four out of control adolescent ruffians egg each other on, to take hostage, torture, and brutally rape several girls, whilst on the run from the law.

Director: Ignacio F. Iquino
Writer: Ignacio F. Iquino (screenplay) (as Steve McCoy)
Stars: Mireia Ros, Linda Lay, Eva Lyberten

“”Los violadores del amanecer” (Rapists at dawn) tells the story of a gang of street kids that rape and rob in the streets of Barcelona. What is mind-boggling about “Rapists at dawn” is that the film officially condemns rape, but the cameras show the rape scenes with evident relish, taking their sweet time in doing it. There is no graphic sex, but the film is realistic and brutal, and the actresses (Mireia Ros, Linda Lay…) are pretty intense and are able to convey fear and pain in a heart-rending manner, what results in a film that is at the same time exciting and unpleasant.

“Los violadores del amanecer” is a mysterious film, it has almost disappeared from circulation, and if you search over the internet you won’t find much information about it.

Exploitative (violent and sleazy), tragic, hypocritical and… emotional, this isn’t a film for those with a weak stomach. “

“This film shows A brutal reality in A quite scary way.

A gang of marginalized teens from Barcelona (spain)commit crimes in order to survive, but what they really enjoy is raping females of all ages. The film is quite a shocker and was band on it’s time, today it’s still hard to find. The sound track is quite good and helps the film to be even scarier.

Although it’s an old school, this film can be used as a great political statement.

Teen Violence, drugs, sex, rape and murder.”

“Although it isn’t too surprising that “Rapists At Dawn” is banned in it’s native land, I’m not sure why it isn’t available elsewhere. It’s counterparts, like “Last House On the Left,” “House On the Edge of the Park” and “I Spit On Your Grave” etc are out there for commercial consumption. What makes Dawn more disturbing isn’t the graphic nature, as the film never ventures into hardcore territory; but the sheer amount of rape and violence. This is one nihilistic and angry film. The four youths depicted are like a gang of hyenas, raping and beating random women with utterly no sense of guilt or remorse. And it just goes on and on. Women, always attractive, with beautiful bodies, are beaten, whipped with belts and degraded in every way imaginable. One girl is gang raped until she is bleeding from her vagina, and the gang of thugs walk away laughing when they have finished satisfying themselves. This movie is supposed to be some political allegory on the level of violence among youth during that time, but the scenes of brutality are filmed in a voyeuristic way that seems to be designed to sexually arouse the viewer. If this were straight forward porn, it would actually be less offensive, because it would be written off as adult entertainment, But because it is a legitimate film, it must be taken seriously.

As a fan of violent, grind-house cinema from this period, I quite like “Dawn Rapists.” It is even more powerful and well-made than some other movies in it’s genre.