Island of Death (1976)

Greek sleaze-freak Nico Mastorakis put together a movie that is so offensive it’s been censored for years, and is probably about as messed up as any of the films on the Video Nasty list have ever been.

A twenty-something English couple arrives on the idyllic tourist destination of Mykonos, Greece during the off-season. What appear to be nice and friendly tourists at first end up becoming some kind of sleaze-fueled Bonnie and Clyde. To explain it in further detail would possibly ruin the experience, but I HIGHLY recommend this for any gorehound, exploitation nut, eurosleaze lovers or Video Nasty appreciators. You WILL be shocked and appalled. The sleeve claims this  is the most widely banned film of all time. Hyperbole or not, it’s gotta be close because this truly is an unbelievably inappropriate film. AKA Ta paidia tou Diavolou