Chatterbox! (1977)

Beautiful Penelope Pittman (Candice Rialson) has a problem that defies the very laws of nature. She has the 8th Wonder of The World in her pants! Yes ladies and gentleman this is the “true” story of a mild mannered hair dresser who discovers that her vagina has not only a mind of it’s own. But a fabulous singing voice that has the science community and the entertainment industry at large wanting more. Poor Penelope, all she wants is her old boyfriend Ted (Perry Bullington) back. But her singing sensation partner “Virginia” feels he can’t measure up driving him away. With Penelope and Virginia at odds, the two will have to find away to put aside their differences to discover true love in an uncaring and exploitative world. Featuring exciting song and dance numbers for a light hearted mature audience.

Candice Rialson …  Penny
Larry Gelman …  Dr. Pearl
Jane Kean …  Eleanor Pittman
Perry Bullington …  Ted
Arlene Martel …  Marlene
Michael Taylor …  Dick
Cynthia Hoppenfeld …  Linda Ann
Robert Lipton …  Jon David
Rip Taylor …  Mr. Jo
Irwin Corey …  Himself (as Professor Irwin Corey)
Sandra Gould …  Mrs. Bugatowski
Trent Dolan …  Frank Rio
Lois Walden …  Receptionist
Gloria Victor …  Robert Student
Jessica Stuart …  Woman Reporter

No movie ever like it. Story is unique and idea hysterical., 8 July 2001
Author: Ralph B. Benaim ([email protected]) from Detroit, Michigan USA

I saw this movie on the big screen when I was a teenager. It was a time when you couldn’t go to XXX rated movies… This is not that kind of movie.

The idea is so original, never been done before or since… a woman has a vagina that talks and sings (makes you think of a combination of Joan Rivers and Don Rickles). Because of it’s caustic and degrading humor the poor girl can’t maintain a decent relationship with any man. When she goes to a Doctor to see if something can be done to shut it up, he decides this is a dream come true and should take it on the road. He becomes her manager. Unfortunately the vagina gets more attention than the girl it’s attached to. I’ll leave the ending for you to see, all I’ll say is that it’s a happy one.

Regarding the quality of the film, yes it is a stinker. But when you take such a unique story and stick in a few decent jokes (no worse than Arnolds’), some small cameo appearences and a lot less sex than you’ll see in today’s movies.) I think that what came out was a hysterical, never to forget, sexual comedy worth taking out a bottle of champagne or a jug of cheap wine and playing when you and yours decide you want a good laugh before going to bed. Just sit back and relax and have a good laugh. Believe me, it could do wonders to add a little extra into a relationship. And then when I think of when Madeline Kahn sings “Sweet Mystery of Life” in “Young Frankenstein”, I thought I would lose my lunch I laughed so hard. Give the movie the chance… I guarantee that you have paid much more for lots of movie to see worse.

The greatest talking vagina movie ever made!, 26 December 2000
Author: jjw8 from Greenbelt, MD

Compared to the lunkheaded, overly graphic sex comedies of today, this film comes off actually as innocent, sexy fun. 70’s starlet Candace Rialson is gorgeous (and often naked) and really makes this goofy premise believable. Too bad she left acting after the 70’s. For all the goofy sexual situations, including one where Rialson makes love to a guy in a suit of armor, this is nicely paced and has some genuine laughs. Throw in disco dancing, musical numbers and guest appearances by old school crazies Rip Taylor and Professor Irwin Corey and you have a movie that deserves a better reputation than a “World’s Worst Film”.