Viens faire l’amour Charlotte (1979)

Viens Faire l’Amour Charlotte (Come and make love Charlotte) is a completely forgotten sexploitation movie. The imdb and the short running time suggest that there might be a hardcore version, but this is strictly softcore and the sex scenes don’t have a « cut » feeling. The VHSRip is not of the best quality, as you can see from the caps, but it’s especially bad during the first third and gets better after that. It’s certainly watchable anyway and it’s the only rip we have. One week ago, we didn’t have any. The story ? Well, a young woman is invited by a couple of friends in their country house, in which she expects a nice, quiet, relaxing holiday. Guess what happens instead.

Alternate Titles
La Jeune fille romantique
La Partie de colin-paillard

Charlotte is spending her holiadays in the country with her aunt Amélie who is always away. Hélène (Jenny Feeling) and Olivier are the aunt’s guests, a perverse couple. Hélène tries to seduce Charlotte in the shower. Unsuccessfully though. Charlotte meets a boy, Christian, who is very romantic, and they have long walks together in the country. Hélène and Olivier try to seduce Charlotte every night. Charlotte makes love with Christian in an old ruined castle. Hélène who fears Charlotte might escape her, invites her friends Marina and Frédéric, a liberated couple to a picnic and a game of blindman’s bluff. Hélène manages to seduce Cristian but is caught in the act by Charlotte who is desperate. On the evening Christian is forgiven and Charlotte and he run away from the place and they make love in a meadow.

There are two versions of this film (soft and hard). Strangely enough, the soft one was released in France with five hard inserts added.