Innocent Taboo (1986)

The story is that two families go on vacation and Billie Dee slips some aphrodisiac into their food. You can guess what happens next. What makes this video (not film) unique is the casting. It is absolutely incredible! Colleen Brennan, Buffy Davis and Porsche Lynn actually look like mother and daughters. This was a shocker to me that the casting could be so exact and believable. So that I don’t catch myself going on and on about this movie, let me simply say that there is a great 3 way between Peter North, Porsche Lynn and Buffy Davis…maybe the best scene in the video. Also there is a DP with Davis, Dee, and Edwards. This is a very overlooked video, and that’s too bad. Everything in it makes you want to watch it again and again. The sex is supreme, and the picture quality is bright and colorful.