Little Girls Blue (1978)

Little Girls Blue is one of the barely legal adult films that came out in the 70s during the slew of barely legal sex comedies that came out from adult and mainstream film companies at the time. Little Girls Blue is one of the better of the adult efforts within this genre to come out. In Little Girls Blue, friends Misty (Casey Winters), Kathy (Samantha Morgan), Buffy (Elaine Wells), and Marium (Lori Blue) all attend the Townsend School for Girls. At Townsend, the girls are more interested in extracurricular sexual learning than hitting the books. The plot works well for moving the film along without making the viewer feel insulted by the plot. There really isn’t much to the plot. When it is analyzed later, it is seen to be paper thin relying more on events and character development than any major story arc. However, this story arc does work perfectly for Little Girls Blue. The film is entertaining and honestly flies by fast. The cast does a great job, with their nonsex portions and with staying completely in character for their sex scenes. The sex scenes are well done. They all fit within the plot and aren’t long enough to pull the viewer out of the film but are long enough to be erotic and not to leave the viewer feeling cheated. The sex scenes look nice and have great energy. The whole film looks good actually. The film has great locations picked out that add to the atmosphere of the film. The majority of the film was shot at the Dunsmuir Mansion, which has also been used in Phantasm and A View to a Kill, among other Hollywood titles. The film was well shot and looks like its non-graphic sex mainstream counterparts. Little Girls Blue is a must see feature adult film from the 70s. The story is fun and the cast does a great job. Little Girls Blue will leave you wishing they still made adult features like this one.