Vanessa (1977)

This is another 1970’s “Emmanuelle”-style knock-off; a German version this time featuring Olivia Pascal as “Emmanu. . .” I mean “Vanessa”. It’s particularly shameless in ripping off the first French “Emmanuelle”, even being set in Asia, except that the character is a virgin fresh out of Catholic boarding school rather than a married swinger. The plot involves “Vanessa” finding out that she inherited a hotel in Hong Kong and becoming involved in sexual intrigue with various horny and grasping relatives and. . . oh, who cares about the plot.

Pascal is absolutely beautiful and frequently naked. She doesn’t actually ever technically lose her virginally (to a man), but she gets a sensuous Oriental massage, has an incredible lesbian scene with her “cousin”, has psychic sex with an Indian swami, and is put in bondage and whipped by an “uncle”. The most incredibly scene though has her dressed in her school-girl uniform and being spanked by a lesbian nun! I know this scene is sick and wrong for a lot of reasons, but good God!. . .(I guess I’m going straight to hell).

I don’t want to imply in any way that this is a good movie, but for what it is it. . . well, like the nun’s hand on Pacal’s bare butt, it definitely leaves an impression. “