Trop au lit pour être honnête (1980)

Director:Jacques Marbeuf as Johan Jef
Notes:France Continental Films, 80 mins., originally a softcore crime drama
Alternate Titles
Letti bagnati DVD available Italy, Magnum 3B, BL Comm DVD,, on-screen title, 77 mins., hardcore (mainly inserted body-doubled close-ups)
Letto bagnato BL Comm DVD box title
Trop au lit

The title Trop au lit pour être honnête (Too much/often in bed to be honest) is a pun on Trop polie pour être honnête (Too polite to be honest). The Italian version is hardcore, but with very unrealistically body-doubled females, apart from the genuine hardcore scene involving the voyeur and the couple upon whom he spies. The original French version has not been viewed.