The Tiffany Minx (1981)

Director: Roberta Findlay

A gun for hire named Ben (played by Carter Stevens who is pretty nasty in this role) has been hired to put a bullet into a wealthy woman named Jessica (Crystal Sync) by her husband (Jeff Hurst) who stands to inherit all of her worldly possessions and who also happens to be banging his cute little secretary, Anne (Marlene Willoughby).

Completely messed up by the attempt on her life, Jessica retreats to the solitary Fire Island where she rents a cottage, which is let to her by a woman named Pinky (Jennifer Jordan). Pinky has a man named Matt (R. Bolla) who she seems to be paying for sex. Maybe things are starting to look up for poor Jennifer?

No dice! A short while later, a pair of bloody scissors are found in Jennifer’s bed, leading her to come to the conclusion that someone knows that she killed Ben and that they might still have it in for her. But who?

A movie that makes the most out of its recognizable cast of seventies adult film stars, The Tiffany Minx has moments of genuine suspense and even some nice, moody atmosphere at times. Findlay keeps the film trucking along at a nice pace and manages to get legitimate performances out of almost everyone. Bolla in particular is quite good here.