The Grafenberg Spot (1985)

There was resurgent interest in the G-spot and female orgasms after the publication of the 1982 NY Time Best Selling book titled “The G-Spot. ” Artie Mitchell was introduced to the book by his girlfriend Simone Corday. According to Simone,”Art and Jim sent out for rubber gloves,a case of K-Y Jelly, two lab coats and cleared off the pool table for research. ” The result of their obsession with the G-spot was this 1985 classic featuring an all-star cast; Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems, Annette Haven, John Holmes, Rick Savage, Amber Lynn and Nina Hartley. The most outrageous scene in the movie featured Traci Lords in a threesome but was to be removed a year later when her scandal broke.

Scene 1Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems
Scene 2Amber Lynn, Annette Haven, Thor Southern
Scene 3Annette Haven, Ginger Lynn, Thor Southern
Scene 4Annette Haven, Harry Reems
Scene 5Traci Lords, Harry Reems, Rick Savage
Scene 6Ginger Lynn, John Holmes, Thor Southern
Scene 7Nina Hartley, Rita Erotica
Scene 8Fanny Fatale, guy
Scene 9Lili Marlene, Nina Hartley, Harry Reems
Scene 10Amber Lynn, Annette Haven, Rick Savage, Thor Southern
Scene 11Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems