The Dirty Mind of Young Sally (1970)

Director: Bethel Buckalew (as Buckalew)

Before there was Howard Stern, there was “Dirty Sally McGuire” (Sharon Kelly), a pirate radio DJ who operates out of a run-down old van run by her loyal sidekick Toby (George “Buck” Flower). Both work regular jobs at the local radio station, but in their off-time broadcast sexy music with Sally turning on listeners with quivering masturbation sessions. Sally and Toby are chased all over California by the state police, and decide to put on over on the fuzz by broadcasting Sally having sex with an unsuspecting police inspector.

OK, so there’s barely a semblance of a plot in this flick. It’s one hell of a fun movie, especially considering it’s a Harry Novak film, packed with borderline hardcore sex that tends to get boring at times (the film runs a very long 96 minutes, in sexploitation time a magnum opus!)! Some of the beachside sex orgy is very good, well-shot with handheld camera, and featuring sexploitation pixie Sandy Dempsey, she of the sexy overbite and the butterfly tattoo on her thigh; Angela Carnon (from Booby Trap, and actually a very good actress) is featured in a later sex scene. There’s also a funny scene between a virgin girl and her horny boyfriend that finally decide to screw after hearing the radio show, and additional humor is present in the form of the bumbling police force.