Mikaela, o glykos peirasmos (1975)

Nudity and soft sex scenes at the Greek landscapes. Lesbian action and marital dead ends. The whole movie makes no sense, but it is notorious in Greece because of its cast. Mimi Denisi (now a snob theatre and quality only actress) is involved in a production whose main goal was to show naked flesh and shock. Giorgos Christodoulou is also an actor famous enough, so he also makes you laugh as you watch him taking part in this film. The plot, a married rich couple, the husband cheats on the wife and the wife gets bored. So she is looking for alternatives (“Sappho Poetry” as they put it). Mimi is not showing enough flesh, but non the less, is close to. Finally, note that all cast and crew has denied the existence of the film.

Date: April 3, 2020