L’hôtesse voyage sans slip (1981)

Alternate Titles
College Girls DVD available Shendene DVD, title on screen (fake)
Perverse College Girls DVD available Italy, Shendene DVD box title (fake) Stewardessen Fieber West Germany, box title
Voglie giovani DVD available Italy, Shendene DVD title on disk (probably fake)

Ariane is an air-hostess who gets on very well with the pilot, especially since he has found pictures of her in a specialised magazine. She does some overtime taking care of a famous Swiss doctor (Hubert) who is a customer of the company she works for, and whom she brings to her hotel room. When she tells him about a lesbian friend of hers (Chantal, XNK1142) who was once raped, he offers to cure her. When Chantal arrives she finds her friend and the doctor in bed and joins them. At a [fancy-dress] party held by Hubert, Ariane finds a way to take her revenge on the woman who supervises her job and who usually treats her badly (Dominique Saint Clair). Ariane leaves her in the hands of some of the guests (after having her drink more than a few). The party ends in an orgy.