Les petits slips se déchaînent (1981)

Director: Claude Pierson (as Andree Marchand)
Studio: Alpha France

Starring: Cathy Stewart, Lise Pinson, Jack Gatteau, Lynn Monteil, France Lomay, Morgane, Dominique Irissou, Nadine Roussial, Sophie Abelaid, Gerard Gregory, Brigitte Verbecq, Carole Pierac, Christian Loussert
—Cathy and Lise are going for a sailing lesson. Lise seduces Nick, the sailor and leaves him immediately. Cathy takes her place. The story now takes place back in Paris where we are now treated with the first Lise who discovers her brother’s girlfriend with another boy. Then follows an incoherent orgy which has been sort of cut into pieces and used in other films such as Ursula (1981).
—Cathy, a brunette, and Lise, a blond beauty, decide to take a sailing training course. Lise seduces Nick, the comely sailor, but forsakes him as soon as she has attained her end.. Cathy sets about comforting the vexed sailor man. Back in Paris,she surprises his boyfriend’s girlfriend making love with another man. She decides to teach him a lesson. All is well that ends well: all the protagonists join in an orgy!
—Love at sea. A vivifying film interpreted by actresses who give themselves body and soul and take pleasure in it, stallion-actors who show themselves at the height, all in a festive atmosphere characteristic of the golden age Of French Cinema X. A record number of spectators came to take this voluptuous bowl of sea air during the release of this film on 3 June 1981 in the ALPHA-FRANCE theaters

Alternate Titles
Orgie en mer
Ragazzine vogliose