Laß jucken, Kumpel 5: Der Kumpel läßt das Jucken nicht (1975)

This is the fifth of six films in the series that began with “Lass jucken, Kumpel” in 1972. The first film was very successful and it’s estimated over 4 million people saw it in German theaters. Apparently the other five films in the series are all softcore, so this hardcore version is a real treat! Many of the performers should be familiar to fans of the German classics. Only some of the actresses performed hardcore, as was typical of this era, when the transition from soft to hard was just beginning in Germany. Gunter Otto is credited as co-writer and cinematographer. Otto later produced and directed many German classics, including many of the Josefine Mutzenbacher films. Here’s a very general storyline.
Uwe’s wife Gerti is pregnant and she hasn’t been interested in sex for quite some time, so he ends up having sex with several of the neighbors’ wives and with a hitchhiker he picks up in his truck. The hitchhiker turns out to be the niece of one of his neighbors, who spies on her while she’s masturbating. She catches him spying, and then moves in with Karl, Uwe’s buddy who lives upstairs.
There seems to be a subplot about a boy whose parents were killed by a pimp (possibly the mother was a prostitute?) and now the boy is being raised by a hooker who was a friend of the parents. It seems this boy and his parents were major characters in the earlier films, and there is some flashback footage of the parents that is probably taken from these prior films. I don’t know what the film makers were thinking when they made this film. It is not typical of most Bavarian sex comedies of the time. This one is much darker with many very “politically incorrect” scenes.