Fantasmes pornos d’une novice en chaleur (1985)

Alternate Titles
Erection for Injection West Germany, New Look / VFL
Nackte Nonnen West Germany, New Look / VFL, box title
Les Pécheresses video title

The opening credits do not use the usual names for the performers – Corinne Carmona, Chris Darincourt, Dominique Silvero and Brigitte Corvier are mentioned. The end sequence has the usual misleading Unia credits from the 70s.

Males include Ghislain Garet (as Chris Darincourt, plays Christian), Eric Saville (plays the doctor) and Christian Loussert (in archive footage).

The male star is Ghislain Garet who plays a man who day dreams (cue archive footage) about his life and loves (including Eva Kleber) as he contemplates suicide. He rings a helpline staffed by two nuns (Michelle Davy and Amanda Shell) and Eric Saville (a doctor). They arrive at his flat in time to save him and restore his desire to live by the usual porno means. Eric Saville arrives in time to make it a foursome.

Some new footage was added to archive footage from Infidèles par devant, punies par derrière (aka Phantasmes interdits), Fesses vierges à l’essai aux Caraïbes and Trois petites chattes à sodomiser.