Die neuen Abenteuer des Sanitätsgefreiten Neumann (1978)

Alternate Titles
Die frechen Sex-Abenteuer des Sanitatsgefreiten Neumann VFL video title

We are at a military training unit that seems to be far from the hustle and bustle of the war. Sergeant Berger, commander of the unit, lives in a lodging at the barracks. He’s married to buxom Anna who feels very neglected by her husband. Order of things start to change after sleazy medical orderly Neumann is assigned to the unit. He first provides ’emergency aid’ to Anna and then calls two prostitutes to the barracks. The prostitutes are presented to Berger as ornithologists (i.e. bird experts, from the double entendre of the word *Vogel*) touring the area. Eventually, the men are caught red-handed by Berger but the news of Germany’s surrender sets them free.

Neumann is the protagonist of an old and well-known soldier’s song (Es lebe hoch, der Sanitätsgefreite Neumann!). The character was rendered in many adaptations, some of which have a rather anachronistic WWII setting.