Desires Within Young Girls (1977)

Following the brutal death of her second husband in a torrid embrace, Madeline Stowe decides, to ensure her old age, to perfect the sex education of her two daughters, subject them to the whims of the richest men in the region. Produced by Harold Lime, one of the most extravagant magnates of the X cinema, this vitriolic satire of a certain “American way of life” is inspired by the classic How to Marry a Millionaire with Monroe and Grable. Elegant staging, mordant dialogues, very complicit actresses including Georgina Spelvin & Annette Haven.

Richard Kantner’s Desires Within Young Girls starts off with a scene in which a woman named Maddy Stone (Georgina Spelvin) rides her aging husband Charles (John Leslie with flower in his hair to make himself look older) near a fireplace while some mellow music plays. They chat as they go at it and then she has a ridiculously over the top orgasm – Spelvin speaks with a fake southern accent here, it’s pretty funny. Once she finishes up, however, Maddy realizes Charles has died! Cue the opening credits. From here we see Maddy driving around in her limo, driven by her chauffer Martin (John Seeman). Her girls are coming to live with her, they’ve been previously living away at a boarding school, and she hopes she can marry off her foxy offspring to some rich men – see, Maddy’s not as well off as she’d figured she was, and she wants to make sure her lifestyle doesn’t take a hit now that her husband is done and gone. She picks up her two daughters, Penny (Clair Dia) and Cissy (Annette Haven), and lectures them on the way back to the school, requesting that they call her Maddy, not mother.
So as mother and daughters become reacquainted, we soon learn that Cissy takes after her mother in more ways than one. She’s completely game for whatever plot Maddy may conjure up while Penny remains more than a little subdued compared to her sibling. The main reason for this is that Penny has fallen in love with her drama teacher, a man named Marc (once again played by Leslie, this time sans the old man visage). Nevertheless Maddy goes about trying to get Cissy hitched to Jace (Ray Wells), the dopey offspring of a rich rancher, but that doesn’t work out so well. Plan B? Bring the girls off to a fancy party hosted by a friend of Maddy’s named Harrison Price (John Alderman). Surely the girls will win over some suckers with their various charms and sexual skills at a bash as big as this one, right? Well at the very least they get an A for effort as the party segues into the requisite lesbian scene, some light S&M play, an amusing scene involving Cissy and Turk Lyon and then Turk Lyon and Penny and an encounter with both The Baroness (Joan Devlon) and a rather dominant young woman named Dominque (Sabrina). As the events play out (and bring the lovely Abigail Clayton into the mix towards the end) it seems like Maddy may have succeeded, that is until Cissy meets a man named John Dayton (Paul Thomas).