Colossale débauche pour une femme frigide (1985)

Alternate Titles
Apprendiste viziose Dir. given as Jean Rollin and Michael Berkowitch Italian title, possibly stolen from another film
Sensuellement vôtre ACN Diffusion VHS, collection Sensual

At first we see Gabriel Pontello having sex with Dominique Saint-Claire, cutting back and forth to Christophe Clark having sex with Marina Frajese in an adjoining room. Marina walks in on the other couple. Gabriel and Dominique leave, though we don’t see this.

Then we see Alban Ceray and Michelle Davy driving to Marina’s large house. They are shown to a room and look out through the window to see another couple arrive – Franck Balard and Mina Houghe. The couples assemble in the dining room where Marina shows them a set of photographs. though I did not follow the Italian, one could interpret the events as Marina blackmailing the two couples into partner swapping and other sex games which she watches on closed-circuit TV, joining in for a lesbian threesome. After a while the scale of the orgies is increased when Gabriel and Dominique return. After the final orgy Marina and Christophe retreat to the bathroom where water sports and scat are implied. This scene was removed from the French video release but remained in the Italian.