Claudio und seine Gespielinnen (1979)

Alternate Titles
C … ho perso l’aereo fake Italian re-issue box title
Cazzo! … ho perso l’aereo fake Italian re-issue title, box says dir. Alain Payet, 1977, but this is fake.
Corpi bagnate
Enfilez-moi par les 3 trous France, Fil-a- Film, Prestige Collection, vol. 4 Enfilez-moi par les trois trous France, Fil-a- Film, Prestige Collection, vol. 4
La Grande mélée France

Claudio Vincenti is in the import-export trade. He watches a couple making love through binoculars from his office and fantasizes about his two secretaries making love with each other. He joins two married friends who have just had a little quarrel for a threesome. Then he goes to Babsi’s studio to have his picture done for a passport but posing develops into sex. Then he goes with his friend Peter to a party held by Julia but doesn’t manage to find himself alone with the lady, though anotehr couple gets off with each other. He then flies away from Hamburg to witness the building of a villa in Italy. Jacqueline awaits him at the airport. He meets a blonde Finnish tourist with whom he has a good time under the palm trees and the film ends with him and Jaqueline making love in the airport’s toilets which causes him to miss his plane back home. While in Italy he often comes across a surfer who has been hurt and carries some sort of plaster/bandage. (Based on a summary of the French version sent by e-mail.

The villa and the blonde at the villa also turn up in Ekstasen, Mädchen und Millionen.

Some character names from the dialogue and some from the DVD box cover (names from the dialogue preferred where they differ).